The church was formed in 1907-08 by David Evans, following the great Welsh revival of 1904/05. He loved ordinary folk and became the special friend of ‘Brother Tom’, the converted roughneck whose life of simple faith and prayer attracted and inspired so many. The church met in ‘the upper room’ in Nolton Street, possibly above the restaurant on the corner of Edward Street and Nolton Street. Anyone who grew up in Bridgend and is over 40 will know that restaurant as the Ranch Fish and Chip Shop!

In 1914 a new building, called the Mission Hall was built in Freeschool Court after Jacob Jenkins sold some land used as a saw mill. The church grew rapidly up to the Second World War and many older people in Bridgend remember going there as children. Numbers declined in the 1960s and 1970s and, at one point, just a few faithful members such as the old Bible bookstall market trader, Mr Evans, were present.

God answered the prayers of these faithful few and the church steadily grew once again under the ministry of J Elwyn Davies in the 1980's and Andrew Davies in the 1990's. The church building was replaced in 1990, built by Bridgend Building Contractors, designed by R Thomas of Sully and funded by church members. The church continues to grow and reach out to serve the people of the town. Under the ministry of Stephen Clark the ‘evangelistic’ spirit of David Evans, who became a man ‘born again’ in 1904/05 is very much alive.