Children’s ministry is covered by three separate groups: Toddlers (pre-schoolers), Searchers (ages 5-11) and Sunday school (ages 5-17). All these groups are subject to the church's Child Protection Policy which governs the ratio of helpers to children present and also other issues of good practice and health and safety.

i) Toddlers meet on Thursday mornings from 9.30am to 11.30am. It is a time when the church opens its doors to local parents and their children. It’s a great place to meet other parents from the local area and be a support to each other. We make time for singing, craft, story, birthdays and tea and coffee as well as plenty of time for mingling and chatting. 

ii) Searchers meet on Fridays at the church during school terms. The club runs from 6pm to 7pm. The activities of the evening include singing, games, and sometimes craft activities as well as a time when the group is divided up to hear about Bible truths and stories. Much thought is put into making this a time which children both enjoy and benefit from.

We seek to foster a caring attitude in the children as the older ones look out for the younger, as well as a healthy attitude of competition and endeavour.

About 40 children of primary school age come on a Friday. Most activities are carried out together although for teaching purposes, the children of infant and junior age are usually separated. If any children are interested in coming, they can just turn up on a Friday evening.

iii) Sunday School is held at the church on a Sunday morning from 9.45am to 10.30am. The timing is in order to fit in with our morning service which follows at 10.45am. Sunday School tends to follow school terms, although we usually meet during the half-term holidays.

The children of primary school age meet each Sunday in the church building. We have a short period of worship together before the children divide into classes which are made up of children of the same age.

Those of secondary school age continue to attend Bible classes in various homes in the centre of Bridgend. These classes cater for youngsters up to sixth form age and some of the more senior young people have an opportunity to serve in the younger classes from time to time if they so wish.