1. Christianity Explored: This six session course usually runs over consecutive weeks. It is a great opportunity to read through Mark's gospel, the shortest New Testament book about the life of Jesus, and explore who Jesus is, why he came and what it means to follow him. You can ask any questions you have or just sit and listen. To find out more visit the Christianity Explored website.

2. Christian Basics: This is a six session course usually meeting once a month. The studies, based on John Stott’s book Christian Basics: An Invitation to Discipleship, look at practical issues of the Christian life e.g. Bible reading and prayer, Morality, Fellowship and the Lord’s Supper, Serving Christ. They are aimed at helping those who are young in the faith but will benefit anyone who wants to go over the basics of Christian discipleship.

3. Bible Basics: This is an open-ended study series that seeks to equip Christians with study skills that will help them read and interpret the Bible correctly. It tackles one book of the Bible at a time, covering each of the main literary genres found in scripture. The studies are loosely based on the Life Change studies produced by the Navigators.

If you are interested in attending any of the above courses use the Contact link to get in touch. We'd love to hear from you.